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7 Reasons to Book Darrell D. Kelly:

1. Darrell Loves What He Does! This is a lifestyle of inspiration not a "popularity contest" or "get rich gig." In a time where people have jumped on the "Author/Speaker" bandwagon, Darrell has a proven resume'.

Easy to Work With! You can book with confidence and expect excellence. Your team will find Darrell to be respectful and professional. In your follow up meetings, your team will agree: "We need to have him again!"

Relevance! While engaging your audience in its current state, Darrell creatively connects them to the possibilities of future goals and success. Your team will be impacted to take action!

Expertise! Darrell Kelly is a international traveling author & speaker, an entrepreneur, and founder of Inspired Life Inc.

Experience! It is common for the audience to take away principles for immediate implementation. Several years of experience and exposure enhances the experience for life changing results. Thus, the inspiration delivered in the speech lives beyond the keynote.

Interaction! Darrell often uses props, illustrations or visual aids for communicating key points of the presentation. Audience participation, call & response phrases, and songs are also tools for reinforcing thoughts or themes that will continue to inspire the listener long after the event has ended.

Authenticity! Sharing successes as well as failures, Darrell speaks with the voice of experience, which allows the audience to connect and relate in a real and practical way. Thus, cultivating the attitude of an achiever, the heart of a champion, a shift in focus, and the expectation for greatness.


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"You are not only a great role model for our

community but also the students of Bay County."

- Bill Hustfelt, Superintendent of Bay District Schools


"Our goal is to carry on your words...Labels will NOT

Influence the potential we see or have for Kids!"

- Britt Smith, Principal of Jinks Middle School


"I can listen to you talk all day. The things we do as a team;

you word it in a way that puts it all in order."

- Tillman, Football Head Coach of Rutherford High School

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